Why choose us...

We believe that we can do groceries better. That we can focus on products that are local, with better packaging, and produced with consideration for the world we want to create.

Our shop is an experiment in attempting to thoughtfully source grocery items.

During covid lockdowns we also have delivery available for $15 for people within 10km of the store, email hello@ecopact.com.au for more information.

Email us at hello@ecopact.com.au for next-day pick-up (there is a 3% handling fee for pick-up orders), we will package your items in a combination of paper bags and clean reused containers, or come visit us - we are based at 208 Nicholson Street Footscray. Our standard opening hours are:

9 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday
10 am - 6 pm weekends

Packaged Better

Ecopact provides biodegradable, reusable and recycled packaging options available for our bulk-stocked products. We also encourage and support our customers who bring their own containers. Let's simplify less wasteful living.

Sustainably Produced

We stock a wide range of products from fruit and vegetables to nuts, seeds, grains and dairy. We have a large focus on the way food is being produced and whether it is sustainable long term. While we do stock dairy products we also encourage and support people with alternative protein sources.

Locally Sourced

Australia is an awesome country and we want it to continue to flourish. If a product we are looking to stock is available locally produced at a viable price we will stock that product. We know that more locally produced products results in more robust local economies and that food is tastier when it doesn’t have to travel long distances. Also fewer food miles is usually a great thing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help make living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle attainable for the modern day household.

We have suppliers for: fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, spices, herbs, dairy, and meat. We will focus on sustainable practices including packaging free, ethically produced and local groceries.

We know from our own journey It can be overwhelming trying to live in line with your values when there are so many things demanding attention in our lives. Ecopact Groceries was created with the intent of simplifying sustainable shopping by bringing all your sustainably sourced groceries into one convenient location.

Ecopact Groceries; shop today to create a better tomorrow.